Rhye's frontman Michael Milosh faced charges for allegedly abusing and grooming his ex-wife Alexa Nikolas.

The former 'Zoey 101' star reportedly filed a lawsuit against Michael, who she claimed abused her on several accounts.

According to sources, the actress submitted a complaint to the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday. The suit accused the artist of sexual battery, gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence.

Court documents also claimed that the accused had violated California's Tom Bane Civil Rights Act by stripping Nikolas of human rights.

The plaintiff had explained, Milosh "utilized his power of authority and seniority" over her and "manipulated her into trusting him."

Michael The Groomer

Allegedly, the Canadian musician had sexually groomed his ex-wife while she was still a "minor child." After gaining her trust, the grooming had been a manipulation tactic as he later "terrorized, sodomized and abused" Nikolas.

Alexa's complaint stated that Milosh's "continuous conduct aimed at satisfying his prurient and economic desires" became the motive for the abuse.

The lawsuit also highlighted the artist's record label as the management, company, and corporate entities supported his behavior. They did not punish the Canadian singer for his misconduct, but instead, he was financially supported by his label.

According to the documents, the company ratified his actions despite knowing Alexa was underaged.

Nikolas was 19 when she married Milosh in 2012, according to Daily Mail

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Alexa's Open Letter

The issue between the former lovers was made public by Nikolas herself as she uploaded an open letter to her Instagram. The open letter had been posted earlier in March but has now been deleted from Alexa's account.

The former Nickelodeon star had titled the open letter "Groomed by the Groom" and described her abuse and grooming experience.

Sources reported that Nikolas had been sixteen when she initiated a conversation with Milosh and eighteen when they first met.

According to the same publication, the singer asked minor Alexa to undress during one of their many Skype calls. Nikolas mentioned that she was also assaulted during their first night together, and in another instance, she was choked while having a panic attack.

Michael had denied the accusations back then by saying that the post had been "absurd and outrageous false claims."

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