"Jeopardy!" is in jeopardy. 

An insider told OK! magazine that after the dramatic and scandalous resignation of Mike Richards and the death of its long-time host Alex Trebek, the show is still scrambling to find a replacement for the permanent host position. 

It was announced that Sony first chose its executive producer Mike Richards to be the permanent fixture on the podium, but he resigned just before his tenure event started.

They were able to film a couple of episodes already, but Richards was forced to give it up because of the backlash he is facing - and the execs don't want to hire someone who could tarnish the "Jeopardy!" brand. 

Following his exit, there has been nothing - as the plans for an orderly transition have been thrown out the window, according to their source. 

Meanwhile, fans are also not so fond of Mayim Bialik to fill the position, despite being named the host for spin-offs for "Jeopardy!" 

However, with no host named yet, producers said that the "Big Bang Theory" actress would be temporarily filling in for the permanent host spot. She is scheduled to tape three weeks' worth of episodes already.

It has also been announced that there will be another round of guest hosts until they find a host to fill the position. 

Fans don't like Bialik to be the hostbecause of her past comments about the vaccine and Harvey Weinstein's victims. 

According to OK! magazine's source, "This has been a total nightmare for the rest of the producers."

And per the source, if Alex Trebek was here or if he was looking down, he would be "shocked" because "this is not the look 'Jeopardy!' was going for." 

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Additionally, it's not like Sony doesn't have any backups. But bad news for them, as their top choices for hosts, are reportedly busy doing other things. 

"They'd love to have Katie, Anderson or even Aaron Rodgers, but there's little chance of getting them now."

Now that the show's fate remains uncertain, tensions remain high, especially to those working on the show for years. 

They take Alex Trebek's legacy very seriously and that "there's anger that it's been tarnished this way." 

The staff hopes that Sony will finally take charge and guide the show in the right direction because there's a huge chance "Jeopardy!" may not continue if they don't do anything to fix things. 

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