Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, are still embroiled in their legal battle. 

Now, the music producer is accusing her of stealing funds from his recording studio business. 

Dr. Dre is suing the 51-year-old for taking money out of the accounts for Recording One based in Los Angeles, per documents obtained by The Blast.

His lawsuit was filed after the judge overseeing their divorce proceedings ordered him to pay about $300,000 monthly to Young in spousal support. This will go on until the foreseeable future. 

Per the legal papers, Recording One started operating in 2015. Both he and his then-wife were in charge of the maintenance and control of the studio assets. Additionally, Young was tasked with writing the bills and transferring money for the business. 

Recording One contends that Young "decimated" its bank accounts by withdrawing almost $354,000 during the early stages of her divorce from Dr. Dre, which she filed for back in June 2020. The filing cited irreconcilable differences.

Amid the divorce proceedings, Nicole Young was removed from Recording One and its trust.

Recording One is arguing that Young failed to uphold her "fiduciary interest" because she "embezzled" and "stole" money from the studio's bank account and then used it all on her obligations. 

If the allegations could be proven to be true, Young will find herself in serious legal trouble. 

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According to the Penal Code 496, a person who purchases or gets a property that has been stolen or that has been obtained, like theft or extortion, knowing that it is stolen or obtained, shall be punished by imprisonment in county jail for less than a year. 

TMZ reported in October that the LAPD was investigating the former Mrs. Young for the withdrawals, claiming that she had a right to get money from her bank account because her name was also in the account. 

Insiders with the knowledge of the lawsuit told The Blast that Young has already paid back the money, though it wasn't necessary, and the case would still be open. 

Aside from the $300,000 monthly spousal support, Dr. Dre will also continue to pay for their home in Malibu and Pacific Palisades, including Young's health insurance. 

Initially, she asked for $1.9 million monthly, but the judge only ordered to give her a fraction of that amount. 

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