Is Angelina Jolie okay? 

According to Woman's Day, the "Maleficent" actress was reportedly rushed to the hospital to get tested for cancer. 

The A-list star had a cancer scare years ago, so she always heads to the hospital for a checkup to ensure she's not at risk for another deadly illness. 

Recently, Jolie was pictured outside a hospital alongside her three kids, and a source told the outlet that she was there to get herself checked, allegedly. 

"Having the breast cancer gene and what she went through to avoid that was a huge ordeal for the whole family, especially her girls, who are old enough now to understand what's going on."

The outlet's source also said that if something concerning comes up in her health, she immediately goes to a specialist and has it treated, as she only wants the best medical care that she can get.

Luckily for Jolie, each time she gets tested and checked for any illness, she gets the good news that there's nothing wrong with her. 

And the picture was taken by the paparazzi outside the hospital also seemed to show how to relieve the three children were upon knowing that their mom is going to be okay. 

The source said, "This is a deeply personal battle for all of them. So it's heartwarming to see the joy on all their faces." 

However, one should take Woman's Day report with a grain of salt. There are several reasons why Angelina Jolie was at the hospital, and it doesn't have to mean she was there for a checkup for a health scare. 

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In fact, she seems to be doing well these days, amid her divorce and legal battle with ex-husband Brad Pitt. A few years after they decided to divorce, the former power couple is still battling it out in court over the custody of their children.

But it's also worth noting that Angelina Jolie did have a double mastectomy because she revealed years ago that she has the cancer gene that killed her mom. 

After the procedure, the "Tomb Raider" actress talked about her experience in an op-ed for the New York Times.

In her article, she said that she went under the knife after discussing with her doctors her other options. 

In another operation, Jolie also removed her ovaries and fallopian tube after finding out that she was also at risk for ovarian cancer.

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