Stephan Bonnar recently updated his followers on his Instagram account regarding his situation after his retirement.

In the posted video on the platform, the first clip had Bonnar arguing with staff from Henderson Hospital Emergency Ward in Nevada. They refused to treat him for a fractured vertebrae injury after a pro wrestling match.

While on the second clip the Hall of Famer posted, labeled "showdown with LVPD: Part 1," he screamed at the police that the hospital called as he refused to leave the building.

Injured But Unattended Bonnar

"I'm coming to get treatment for a fractured vertebrae," Bonnar yells at the police in the video. "I can't sit, dumbf-k, my back's broken! Stephan Bonnar, I'm a UFC Hall of Famer," he shouted.

The UFC athlete continued his statement by saying, "I don't have my license on me or my debit card. You know why? Because the pharmacist at CVS forgot to give it back to me. You know when? When she was telling me I couldn't get my 7.5mg Norcos because, guess why, I recently had 10mg Oxys filled."

"So they could only give me Tramadol," he continued. "The Tramadol is awful, it doesn't work. And the Oxycodone 10 mgs are all gone. So I came to the emergency room finally after suffering with a fractured lumbar vertebrae, doctor, for a week!"

According to this article, the abuse of Oxycontin is prevalent in the US. And another issue about it is the late effort to resolve issues regarding doctors' and pharmacists' regulations if they can provide opioid-based painkillers to patients.

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The source also assumed that this is why Bonnar had his meltdown in the hospital, based on his Instagram. The scene may either be due to the extreme pain from his injury or opioid addiction.

After he posted a collection of videos, several colleagues were found on his comments section, offering help.

For the past years, it has been challenging for Bonnar, who got through numerous cases. First, was one was being dragged incoherent out of his car by police, and second, he was arrested for his third DUI in 2018.

By 2020, he even admitted that he was suffering from a brain condition related to CTE. And the UFC player also posted another scene in April, where he caused a scene at his local gym as he refused to wear a mask.

Stephan Bonnar made it official Tuesday, September 6, that he will have his retirement from the sport of mixed martial arts at the age of 35.

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