Is "The Talk" finally getting canceled after almost 11 years on air? 

Things are reportedly not looking good for the Emmy award-winning show. 

On Aug. 31, Elaine Welteroth announced that she was leaving the daytime talk show just after one season. 

In a statement announcing her departure, the New York Times bestselling author said, "It is an absolute honor for anyone, but especially a young Black woman, to occupy space on-air where our perspectives are largely underrepresented."

"It was gratifying to be able to show up as my authentic self in front of a live national audience every day in a world as divided as ours and to stay true to myself and what I stand for." 

Elaine Welteroth is the second co-host to leave "The Talk" in under two weeks because Carrie Ann Inaba, who was only on a leave of absence from the show, also announced her permanent departure. 

Inaba has been co-host of "The Talk" for over two years. 

She said in a statement, "I enjoyed my time at The Talk as co-host and moderator and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to grow with the entire Talk family as well as truly connect with the viewers on such a personal level."

The show's future is reportedly in jeopardy, with the producers stressing out behind the scenes. 

An insider told OK! magazine that "There's always been a lot of drama, but this is getting ridiculous." 

They added that the tension on set now "is off the charts," and people are panicking. 

One of the show's original hosts, Sharon Osbourne, was fired in April following racism allegations after an on-air spat with co-host Sheryl Underwood. 

During that time, OK! magazine also reported that tensions between the two hosts have been high. 

"Sharon was already hyper-emotional, and she was expecting cover from Sheryl, and then she felt attacked." 

Leaving after just one season, it has been reported that the drama and frequent fights have become too much for Elaine Welteroth.

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A source told OK! magazine, "No one will admit it publicly, but seeing that vicious catfight played a big part in Elaine's decision."

Though the former Teen Vogue editor knew that joining "The Talk" would mean things can get intense, Welteroth was reportedly not prepared when things have gotten worst. 

Additionally, Underwood, who is now one of the only remaining long-time hosts alongside Amanda Kloots and Osbourne's replacement Jerry O'Connell, has reportedly started acting like the Queen Bee and "the star of the show", which caused a lot of resentment from co-hosts and staff. 

Now, "The Talk" producers are reportedly scrambling to find replacements for Welteroth and Inaba, but they know they will have difficulty getting someone on the permanent seat. 

"The show is supposed to be fun and thought provoking, but it seems like it's just turning into something toxic."

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