There were numerous rumors regarding jealousy and divorce swirling around between Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi ever since they married in 2004, yet another one is reported in the buzz getting in between the couple.

For a while, there were stories regarding Jennifer Aniston getting in between the couple. Based on a report back in 2018 by New Idea, De Rossi "warned" Jennifer Aniston to stay away from DeGeneres.

They also reported that the whole shenanigans began when the three had a messy dinner with co-star Courtney Cox, where all the tension started to boil.

The outlet further stated that De Rossi accused Aniston of a "bad influence," "It was a pretty dramatic end to the night and Portia seemed pretty angry." De Rossi was upset because she believed Aniston was bad-mouthing her.

More Rumors Of The Three

A year later, the same outlet reported via Suggest that DeGeneres was "in love" with the "Friends" star. "Ellen has always had the hots for Jen ... she's adored Jen since she was on Friends. She was a huge fan of the show," the insider leaked. And of course, the partner, De Rossi, did not like what she just learned and got jealous of the part where DeGeneres would rather be with Aniston.

An insider explained, "Things aren't good between them right now and Jen is caught in the middle."

And last but not least, the National Enquirer also had their take by writing de Rossi leaving her spouse all because of an on-screen kiss with the "The Morning Show" star. The kissing happened when Howard Stern and Jennifer Aniston visited her talk show, and it was said to be a comical attempt to draw attention away from the comedian's link with George Bush.

A close friend admitted, "Now Ellen can't stop gushing about Jen, and it's turned into a crush." De Rossi was livid, which made the source exclaimed, "it wouldn't surprise anyone if Portia leaves Ellen for good."

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The Truth

And as Suggest investigated the story exclusively, they confirmed that the couple "literally never been happier." Even though that dinner happened, they confirmed that there were no issues between them that would lead to shouting at each other. Everyone had a grand old time, so this was a non-story.

The outlets were also unable to understand that de Rossi and Aniston are close friends as well. In fact, Aniston also supported the talk show host's wife in launching their art company, "General Public." Many surely knew that DeGeneres's heart was declared for the "Scream 2" star.

Currently, De Rossi and DeGeneres are still together, which dumps all the rumors altogether.

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