Ellen DeGeneres surely had a memorable episode before her "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" comes to an end.

DeGeneres sat with her guest, Jimmy Kimmel, during the Monday's episode of her longtime talk show. As a welcome gift, she gave him a plastic donkey that stores and ejects cigarettes.

In return, Kimmel told her he had something for the host, too.

"It's a traditional gift. You know, the traditional gift for 19 years. You know what it is?" he asked, to which the 63-year-old correctly guessed, "It is a Kardashian!"

Kim Kardashian then walked out to the stage to surprise the show's host and hug her.

The 40-year-old KKW Beauty Mogul expressed her excitement with her appearance before telling DeGeneres she was all hers.

Viewers who saw the interaction immediately offered praises, calling the meeting "cute" and "surprising."

Ellen DeGeneres: "It's Good To Be Back"

Before Kardashian popped out of the screen, DeGeneres told her viewers how excited she felt upon seeing her fans back in the studio.

As part of the COVID-19 protocols, all audience members wore face masks to avoid spreading the disease.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you. I am so happy to have an audience here. This is so exciting for me. Thank you, thank you so much for being here," she went on.

DeGeneres mentioned how the members of the audience were tested and vaccinated before going to the studio. This act made her appreciate her fans even more.

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She delivered a message to her first-time viewers, though, warning them not to get too attached since it is her last season.

DeGeneres' "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" will bid goodbye through season 19 after giving entertainment to people since its arrival in 2003.

Before coming back to the stage, the host revealed that she would be ending the show to search for a more exciting journey. She told The Hollywood Reporter she originally wanted to end things three years ago.

However, some fans alleged that her decision was rooted in the allegations of workplace toxicity she faced in the past months. Despite losing the show, DeGeneres landed on the newest Cartoonito's show, "Little Ellen," which features a younger, cartoon version of herself.

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