Prince Andrew is not letting his guards down that he took a massive step to defend himself from the lawsuit filed by his alleged sexual assault victim, Virginia Giuffre.

Following the serving of the official affidavit of service, Prince Andrew reportedly hired a top Hollywood lawyer whose high-profile clients have been accused of sexual assault.

New court documents, as reported by DailyMail, revealed that Prince Andrew hired Andrew Brettler to represent him in the case by Giuffre. The attorney comes from the powerhouse law firm Lavely & Singer in Los Angeles.

He famously represented Armie Hammer and is about to take on another controversial hitter, David Boise. Four hours before his most recent hearing in New York on Monday, the lawyer personally made a notice that he would be representing the Duke of York.

According to Brettler, he will appear before the court "for the purpose of contesting purported service of process and challenging jurisdiction."

The attorney will attend in court with Prince Andrew days after reports revealed that the royal prince's camp received the paperwork for the lawsuit.

Prince Andrew Did Not See Proper Service

Although Giuffre's representative sent an investigator to Royal Lodge to confirm the receipt of the documents, Prince Andrew reportedly did not receive it in proper service.

The royal's London-based lawyer, Gary Bloxsome, released a letter addressing how "absurd" it is to claim that Prince Andrew is unaware of the lawsuit.

"Attorneys at Blackfords, who he has apparently instructed to evade and contest service, have confirmed that Prince Andrew himself already has notice of this lawsuit and is evaluating his chances of success," the statement says.

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Meanwhile, the Duke has since denied the claims stated on the documents that include the complaint and summons to six different lawyers of Prince Andrew from four other companies.

Giuffre, through the lawsuit, revealed that Prince Andrew was one of the influential individuals Jeffrey Epstein handed Giuffre to for intercourse. Because of this, they described the royal prince's actions as something extreme and courageous.

The first telephone conference in the case will be held at the Manhattan Federal Court. Prince Andrew and his team were also given a deadline in December to serve with court papers in person under the Hague Convention.

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