It has been a while since Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz officially admitted their relationship this summer; however, one source reported that the actress' father, Lenny Kravitz, has bad blood on her new boyfriend?

In an article reported by OK! via Suggest, the singer-songwriter was "not exactly thrilled" when he found out about his daughter's new romance. Just as the article allegedly described Tatum with a "flirty reputation" and "bad boy charisma," it does not feel suitable for Father Kravitz.

Rumors regarding the two started in the first weeks of August, where the "Step Up" actor was spotted riding a bike with Zoë around New York City, which seemed to have fun during summer in their casual attire.

Channing Tatum: Kravitz's Father Unapproved?

Yet still, the outlet seemed to imply Lenny has to force himself to "sit back and bite his tongue," to avoid saying his disapproval with the two going out together.

The insider even revealed that the singer would look closely at the two new lovebirds' situation. "Lenny wants to let his daughter make her own choices," the same insider told the outlet. They also added that the "Fly Away" singer knows that "these high-profile dalliances tend to end badly."

The article further listed down Zoë's past relationships naming actors like Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine, and Penn Badgley. But as the said "inevitability" of their breakup was high, the magazine still maintained Lenny's kindness as a father for being her "shoulder to cry on" when something terrible happens.

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In Good Terms Or Bad Terms?

Just as Suggest investigated the issue, the outlet contrasts what is going on between the father and the couple.

There were reports regarding Lenny Kravitz, who seemed to have a playful time with Zoë and her current beau, Tatum. They jokingly suggested Lenny go through an audition for "Magic Mike 3" after showing off his abs on Instagram.

And in that case, questions like, "Why would Lenny be so lighthearted with Tatum if he can't stand him?" would never even add up from the situation.

Lenny Kravitz was painted as a spiteful man in celebrities, which is far from its truth. And if he was bitter about the two's relationship, why is he still publicly close with his ex-wife Lisa Bonet and her current husband, Jason Momoa?

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