Prosecutors from the R. Kelly sex-trafficking trial wanted the New York City jury to present the video and audio recordings of how the singer violated and threatened his victims.

According to a report by ABC News, the court document filed on Tuesday, September 14, contained a tape discovered from 2008, which revealed an enraged Kelly accusing an unidentified woman of being a liar before he began assaulting her.

"If you lie to me, I'm going to f--- you up," Kelly says.

Abusive R. Kelly In Evidence

They also brought up other evidence in the federal court of Brooklyn where the R&B was again caught scolding a different woman from Florida, given the name "Jane Doe," a person he accused who stole his Rolex watch.

"You better not ever ... take from me again or I will be in Florida and something will happen to you," his voice said, "You understand what I'm telling you?"

Based on the filings, the prosecutors planned to call the said woman as a witness. However, they decided against it as she suffered from an emotional breakdown and panic attacks while listening to the tape in preparation for her testimony.

The defendant even bragged that he had "cameras everywhere" in his Chicago studio and other places to keep an eye on his victims.

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R. Kelly Trial Updates

As of now, the 54-year-old singer has pleaded not guilty to illegal businesses and other charges accusing him of sexually abusing several people from the past 30 years of his career.

The outlet also disclosed that Kelly vehemently denied the charges and claimed that those women who stood up against him took advantage of his fame after his hit track "I Believe Can Fly."

On the same day of the proceedings, the judge indicated that they would grant the government's request to use the tapes as evidence at the trial. The request came a day after another witness, named Angela, appeared and testified that she saw Kelly in a "sexual situation" with R&B singer Aaliyah around 1993 when she was a minor.

The New York Times even reported that the woman, who testified under the name Angela, discussed when Aaliyah visited the singer on his tour bus.

She even explained that she saw Aaliyah kneeling in front of Kelly and performed oral sex on her. As soon as she witnessed it, she shut the door and left without speaking about the encounter.

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