"The Talk" never looks the same again after Osbourne left, and it made O'Connell a little concerned about it.

O'Connell spoke about his stint for the first time in an interview and revealed how he came to the show without any clue of what happened.

The 47-year-old actor sat for an interview with Bevy Smith on the Radio Andy show, "Bevelations." The host asked him about Osbourne's departure and the recent exits of Carrie Ann Inaba and Elaine Welteroth.

With the three departures this year, "The Talk" only has him, Amanda Kloots, Sheryl Underwood, and the newly-added host, Akbar Gbajabiamila.

"It's funny, I didn't know the exact details of everything that happened. I remember reading that Sharon Osborne was no longer on The Talk and then I was literally on there," he said.

O'Connell called himself the "rebound guy" of the show, just like what he became when he first met his wife, Rebecca Romijn, following her divorce. The nickname may sound offensive to some, but he noted that being that kind of man is fun.

Sharon Osbourne Left Trauma

The new host touched on the things that happened after Osbourne's exit. Upon walking up on stage, O'Connell reportedly saw the trauma with the group while feeling shocked about the transition.

He noted that the event was often brought up sometimes, but he asked his colleagues not to talk about it because "it was not him."

O'Connell's new comments came only a few days after Osbourne appeared on DailyMailTV, where she wholly broke her silence for the first time.

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The former host opened up about getting canceled by internet users after her heated argument with Underwood and the death threats she and her family suffered from.

It became worse that she hired a 24-hour security team and underwent ketamine therapy to help her survive the trauma.

She said, "It was a freedom of speech matter. It was pure freedom of speech. A journalist friend of mine who wrote something that people didn't like and then a few crazies out there, some thugs go - 'you must be racist, that's why you're saying it' - about my friend Piers. It's like, come on."

After her ousting from the show, she pledged not to appear on any show since the industry is no longer a safe place to be.

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