Bob Saget was one of the last people who received a message from Norm Macdonald a week before his death, and he saw the most heartfelt text from him yet.

The Hollywood industry, especially everything and everyone that is related to "Saturday Night Live," heard the heartbreaking news about Macdonald's death this week.

One of Macdonald's closest colleagues, Saget, expressed his heartbreak through an emotional tribute.

On his official YouTube channel, he uploaded a video as a tribute to the late comedian. Saget also took his time to recall the time they spent together ever since their first meeting in 1978 at a comedy club in Canada.

He could not help but call Macdonald an important, sweet person in his life.

The tearful Saget then revealed the last conversation he had with him - and it breaks him whenever he tries to recall it.

"Two weeks ago, he texted me 'How are you? What are you doing? Are you doing stand-up?' And I answered him with much too many words. And then I didn't hear back. And then last week I got a text and it just said 'I love you.' And I didn't say much back. I just said: 'I love you, Norm,'" he detailed.

That, unfortunately, marked the last time he had a conversation with him.

How Macdonald Inspired Saget

The unfeigned "Remembering Norm" video also highlighted Macdonald's career and style, which reportedly inspired Saget to become a better comedian.

The 65-year-old stand-up comedian called Macdonald a comedic genius. He noted one memory of his friend he would never forget - their appearance on Comedy Central.

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At that time, Macdonald joined the list of people who could roast Saget. The late artist then chose to read jokes from a 1940s joke book instead of slamming his close friend in exchange for the audience's laughs.

"It was so anti-roast...He didn't want to roast his friend. He made me better. He made me better as a comedian, but more importantly, he was a genuine friend. Our friendship was really, very deep," Saget went on while trying to hold back his tears.

His tribute video can be considered the most emotional so far, but fans expect more to come as the Canada-born comedian surely changed many people's lives.

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