"The Wendy Williams Show" staff are in crisis mode.

The 57-year-old TV host has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated.

But early this week, an ambulance was seen outside her Manhattan apartment building. A police source revealed to the sun that a 57-year-old woman needed psychiatric services on Wednesday morning, and she has transported to the hospital without any problems.

It was later confirmed that it was Wendy Williams.

Now, her employees are worried about what's going on with their boss and are afraid about their jobs.

An insider told The Sun, "The staff has been back for weeks now anticipating to have the show return at the end of the month."

They went on to say, "Now with it pushed back, staff is freaking out and becoming increasingly concerned and it doesn't help that information isn't being shared internally."

The staff is also said to be finding out what is happening to Williams in the news just like everyone else.

Other insiders told TMZ that the controversial media personality was voluntarily admitted to an NYC hospital for a psych evaluation.

Because Wendy Williams has been struggling with mental health issues for some time now, insiders revealed that what happened to her wasn't a surprise.

The outlet also reported that it's not yet clear when Williams will be released. However, they confirmed that her mental health continues to improve every day.

Despite testing positive for COVID, she is also reportedly asymptomatic.

Another source told Page Six that Wendy Williams recently has many things on her plate after losing her marriage and her mom and is living alone.

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Wendy Williams' Brother Gives Updates

Wendy Williams is pushing back her season premiere to October as she fights her own battles.

But now, her brother Tommy took to his YouTube podcast to give an update on her sister.

He revealed that he spoke to the author and that she's stabilized and doing alright.

He also mentioned how things aren't easy, especially with the upcoming months being heartbreaking for Wendy.

"It's not an easy fight. It's not one that individuals always win. Sadly, come November we are on the anniversary of my mother passing."

And though he knows it isn't easy, he knows it's necessary for the recovery of her sister.

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