Lisa Ling made a short back on "The View" on Friday.

Former co-hosts of one of the longest-running chatfest are making appearances to celebrate its 25th season, as well as fill in the empty seat left by Meghan McCain.

Lisa Ling's reintroduction to "The View" generated mostly positive reactions from viewers who even took to Twitter to celebrate.

Lisa Ling was one of the co-hosts from 1999 to 2002. She joined the show when she was only 26 years old.

In her audition which was conducted live, former host Meredith Vieira put her in a loop by asking some personal info about her, such as asking if she was a virgin or not.

Lisa quipped in Friday's episode, "I always tell my parents that they heard wrong."

"[Meredith] didn't ask if I was a virgin, she asked if I was a Virgo."

The CNN commentator added that "The View" has become a "part of the cultural zeitgeist throughout the years."

She claims that the show challenges the notion that the public doesn't care about the things going on in the world.

The 48-year-old American journalist expressed her gratitude on "Flashback Friday," saying, "I learned so much on this show from my mother figures and my co-hosts, who were more experienced than me."

Nobody expected that she was going to be making a comeback on Friday's episode until today. But one thing is for sure, everybody is happy.


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On Twitter, one person said, "@TheView should've never let this brilliant queen go!"

Another begged that the show should ask Lisa Ling to come back as a regular member, if not a permanent member for the current season.

"Ling really bring balance to the table in so many ways and already hinted that she wanted #TheView to be the way it is now, back then."

Though disagreements with previous co-hosts, mainly when they fought about the current presidential administration and Trump issues, were usually talked about daily, the hot topics discussed on the recent episode remained calm than they often were, especially when Meghan McCain was still part of the show.

Other viewers also said how today's episode was "so refreshing," making a subtle dig at McCain and the regular mentions of her dad, former Senator John McCain, saying, "I'm so glad #TheView is bringing back all the previous co-hosts to erase the negativity from the 'My Father' host."

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