LeVar Burton revealed his next steps after "Jeopardy!" did not choose him to become a permanent host.

Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik were named the official successors of Alex Trebek following the "Jeopardy!" original host's death. However, the latter works on the position with Ken Jennings now as Richards left the franchise both as a host and executive producer following his past scandals.

Despite the removal of Richards, fans called to boycott the game show since Burton got no chance to appear as game master again.

But regardless of what the fans feel and think, Burton disclosed that he has no hard feelings on the show. In fact, he is ready to move on.

In a new interview on "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah," the 64-year-old actor-director thanked his fans who supported him since his "Reading Rainbow" stint. He also acknowledged their desire to become Trebek's successor.

"I made it public that I wanted it for myself that it made sense to me, and they were all about it. It made as much sense to them as it did to me. They wanted it for me as much as I wanted it," he said, as quoted by Fox News.

Although he failed to get the role, he assured everyone that he had already moved on from experience.

Burton said that he found out that it was not the thing he wanted after all. Instead, he only wanted to compete and move forward if he would not get it.

Will LeVar Burton Have His Own Game?

In support of Burton, Trevor Noah suggested he should make his game show - to which the actor rose possibilities.

According to Burton, he never thought of leading other game shows aside from "Jeopardy!" But since the show chose a different path, he should do the same for himself.

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"Let me see what I can do, so we're trying to figure out what the right game show for LeVar Burton would be," he went on.

Despite his recent announcement, the change.org petition to make him the next "Jeopardy!" host nears 300,000. Even Ryan Reynolds promoted him and voted for him to be the next permanent host.

Burton was just one of the game show's guest hosts who appeared after Trebek's death.

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