Reese Witherspoon returns to the second season of "The Morning Show" with Jennifer Aniston, in a whole new look which she discussed with the show's executive heads.

The new trailer for the series recently dropped and has garnered over 5 million views on YouTube. The teaser also featured a new and improved Bradley, the character Witherspoon plays, with her blonde makeover that might foreshadow the change in the upcoming episodes.

Glamour inquired Reese about the sudden change in her role's appearance in a recent interview. She then revealed that she had suggested it to the production's screenwriter and director.

No, It's Not A Wig

The actress first confirmed that it was her natural hair and not a wig before going into the details. Witherspoon claimed that she discussed the idea with writer Kerry Ehrin and director Mimi Leder.

"We talked about it... about how when Bradley gets the top anchor job, she's just doing anything she can to make people happy at the network," the celebrity said. Reese then continued to drop some spoilers about the new season.

The "Legally Blonde" star divulges that Bradley would do all kinds of things to please her superiors- not just dye her hair blonde.

"She's doing TikTok dances, she's hosting celebrity events for them. She's just trying to get along, and it's not her personality. It's actually kind of funny," Witherspoon shared.

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The Morning Show Spoilers

All the talk about her wig eventually led to discussing the other storyline development that Reese discussed with "The Morning Show" head writer.

This article reiterated how the starlet admitted that Kerry Erin had approached her for suggestions. "We talked about Bradley exploring her sexuality. I've had several friends in their 40s who felt suddenly free enough of their childhood... to really explore their sexuality," Witherspoon confessed.

They also brought the topic of sibling relationships to the table as the actress had a brother who struggled with addiction.

"I thought that was so powerful; in fact, so much of the crew was coming up during those scenes and saying it really reminded them of a dynamic they have with their own siblings," said Reese.

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