There had been reports regarding Mila Kunis not happy about her husband Ashton Kutcher's newly discovered enthusiasm for his new project "Your Place Or Mine" with Reese Witherspoon.

Gossip Cop reported that New Idea headlined the story, "Mila's Misery Over Ashton & Reese!," where an insider revealed that Kunis' unhappiness with her husband's projects might not be baseless.

An insider from the outlet said, "Ashton's never been like this about a movie before and it's not like it's going to win Oscars - it's a Netflix rom-com!"

The Netflix romantic comedy "Your Place Or Mine" will be Kutcher's first movie role ever since "Jobs" from 2013, and now he is starring along with Reese Witherspoon. Per Deadline, the story revolves around two best friends who lived on opposite coasts where the lead stars swapped homes for a week and saw their whole lives change.

Ashton Kutcher's Enthusiasm For Work

The source from the outlet even assumed that "Mila's starting to think he's gone doe-eyed over Reese." They even added Kutcher's enthusiasm for the new job as he doesn't miss a meeting, rehearsal, or email.

The insider also added that Ashton doesn't need to work because of the big tech investments he had, "So for him to step back into acting with a Reese Witherspoon project is a strange move."

There were also reports from the friends of the "That '70s Show" star that said it's not as though his choices for acting work were limited, but he reportedly had "plenty of scripts to choose from, some that had 'Oscar' written all over them."

It seemed that his co-star became the reason for him to join the film.

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Kutcher Close To Reese More Than Wife Kunis?

The tabloid further had their insider speak regarding the couple by saying, "Mila is starting to feel like Ashton talks to Reese more than her at the moment!"

Although it may be true that Ashton Kutcher's first comeback to films is through the Netflix rom-com, the story made by the tabloid regarding marital disharmony is questionable, as Gossip Cop would say.

The film is reported to be barely in pre-production, and despite that, it is a straightforward gig. The outlet insisted that this work is taking up hours and involves numerous non-stop meetings.

Kutcher may not act much, but he stays busy between billion-dollar investments and personal causes, so it may be unbelievable to say that the star does not hang out much with his wife.

More importantly, Witherspoon is happily married to Jim Toth. And it is just sexist to turn her career successes into an "other woman" narrative with no solid basis.

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