Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook, has gone viral on social media because of a short clip capturing him entering his vehicle.

It seems like people can't stop making fun of Zuckerberg for the way he hops into his SUV, as seen in this short recording of the billionaire who stood there waiting for 15-seconds for his chauffeur to open the passenger door for him.

The video was uploaded on the internet not even a day ago by a user on Reddit who captioned the post, "When you're a billionaire, you wait until doors are open[ed] for you." It has received 74% upvotes from Redditers who deemed it hilarious for different reasons.

Mark's actions triggered different reactions from netizens ranging from jokes related to debugging a coding program and comparing the CEO to a vampire.

Mark Zuckerberg Is A Robot?

The thread containing the 21-second clip garnered much attention and response, such as these people who commented, "This door was secured with a captcha test," and even asked if Mark "Zucc" Zuckerberg was a robot.

Another person joked that the Facebook creator "should get in touch with Boston Dynamics" as "their robots can open doors."

"He just did exactly what a sim does when you build walls around them!" one reply read, while an additional comment said, "Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention, it will be patched soon," pertaining to Zuckerberg as a bug in an algorithm code.

One user defended Mark by stating his observations, "Honestly it kind of looks like Zuck wasn't waiting for the door to open, but talking to someone in the passenger seat and the driver happened to coral Zuck in. Although I agree his body language is odd like the water thing...."

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Mark Zuckerberg's Crisis

It was revealed that this viral video of the internet entrepreneur is not at all recent but was actually taken back in 2007.

The Mark Zuckerberg of the present is currently busy trying to get out of a legal case involving his former Facebook team member turned whistleblower. According to sources, the complaint had just received the CEO's testimony in court on Wednesday.

Mark had claimed that Frances Haugen's claims on the case were "just not true" and "don't make any sense," including the allegations that the company values gaining profit than taking care of their employees' safety.

The founder had also addressed everyone at his company with a Facebook post he had uploaded a day before his court hearing.

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