"Squid Game" has become one of the most talked-about Netflix shows today that they're even on the same level with other successful English-speaking series on the platform.

The nine-episode Korean series' premise is about risking playing deadly childhood games to wipe out debts and become a billionaire.

The series, which became available for streaming on Netflix last month, is described by critics as "hyper-violent."

The first episode of "Squid Game" had over 200 deaths, and though it is compared to other twisted movies and shows such as "The Hunger Games," "Battle Royale," and "Saw," critics said the Korean show is far more twisted and sinister than all of those mentioned combined.

But what would happen if "Squid Game" becomes a reality? According to one of the show's actors, the gruesome fictional contest could occur in the future.

Deadly 'Squid Game' In Real Life

According to actor Wi Ha-Joon, who plays policeman Hwang Jun-ho, he is afraid that the deadly "Squid Game" would happen in real life.

Speaking to The Sun, he explained that if the extreme competition and the gap between the rich and the poor continues to intensify, it will lead to a deadly round of games "to varying degrees."

Ha-Joon added, "It's a captivating series where a social satire about class conflict, the wealth gap and the depths of human nature is presented in a survival genre that forces the characters into ruthless competition for a massive cash prize and their lives."

He also mentioned that while it emphasizes how greedy some people depend on their choices in their lives, it also shows sentimental human narratives of each character that resonate with those watching the show.

"That's why I think so many people can relate to the story and immerse themselves in the series."

However, the actor is hopeful that real-life deadly "Squid Game" wouldn't happen in real life and that it shouldn't.


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'Squid Game' Season Two Spoilers

In an interview with JTBC Newsroom, "Squid Games" director Hwang Donghyuk confirmed on the show that there would be a second season of the hit South Korean Netflix series.

Some of the plotlines that he is reportedly going to explore are perhaps the backstory of the Front Man and his brother.

Perhaps viewers will also know if the police received the final message sent by Jun Ho.

In the final episode of "Squid Game," it seems like Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) plans to head back to the games instead of boarding the plane to reunite with his daughter in the US. So viewers will finally be able to see if he went back or he's going to alert the police once again finally.

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