Actress Erika Jayne, who previously claimed that she spent $40K a month to keep beautiful, is now forced to buy at big box retailers since she has declared that she has "zero money." 

The 50-year-old RHOBH alum was spotted visiting her local Target in Los Angeles on Tuesday, ahead of the highly anticipated first installment of the reunion. How she holds her "Target" plastic bags though seems to imply that she wants the world to see. 

Fans believe the timing is suspicious, considering that her return to the show's four-part special is impending. According to Radar Online though, she looks exhausted instead of refreshed over that shopping trip.

Andy Cohen questions a weeping Erika Girardi over her suspected participation in her ex-husband Tom Girardi's embezzlement scandal in the first of four parts of the four-part special, which will premiere on Bravo on Wednesday night. 

The "Pretty Mess" author, who is normally dressed up, was down in gym gear, with black leggings and an Adidas zip-up and a black headband. 

It can be remembered though that earlier on, Erika Jayne warned people about analyzing her life and claimed that she's a fan of Target ever since. 


Erika exited Target with a plastic bag of goods slung over her arm, makeup free, wearing huge dark sunglasses, and her hair in a sloppy bun, as Daily Mail UK reported.

The news of her departure comes as the four-part RHOBH reunion approaches, during which Jayne's financial collapse, embezzlement scandal, and divorce will be made public. 

'You know what, I can't control what Tom Girardi did,' Erika says in a teaser for the reunion, referring to her 82-year-old estranged husband.

We're going to put you on a skewer - and I'm going to fire up the barbecue,' Cohen tells Jayne unceremoniously in the clip, making it clear that he's going to ask her tough questions about the alleged scam. 

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Cohen asked what took Erika so long to act and leave Tom,  alluding to Girardi's troubles, as he is suspected of misappropriating millions of money intended for aircraft disaster victims.  

It's hard to see from the teaser, since it is already edited and cut down, but it is apparent that Cohen addresses Jayne's financial concerns, telling her, "'I know what you make on this show."

Cohen now appears to be fact-checking her financial statements after saying she had 'zero bucks' to her name while guzzling champagne with Kyle Richards on a luxurious trip.

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