HBO has just released the first full trailer for the upcoming season of their long running sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David is back in a big bad way. The curmudgeonly comedian comes out swinging in the trailer, tackling everything from dinner party etiquette, being too smart to be stuck in traffic, and vehemently defending the sad state of his towels.

The show, which hasn't had a new episode since March of 2020, is a welcome return for fans, who are in for a star studded dive into the depths of Larry's hilariously grouchy musings. The new season brings back old faves like J.B. Smoove and Richard Lewis while the guest list includes Jon Hamm, Seth Rogan, and Vince Vaughn just to name a few.

As reported earlier this year, according to the show's showrunner Jeff Schaffer, this season will be definitely revolve around a major thorn in everyone's side,

We figured out a way that we are definitely living in a reality where the pandemic has happened, and we're addressing the pandemic, and we're doing stories about it, but not exactly the way you'd expect.

Announced as the possible final season, Larry David's costar Jeff Garlin, who plays his agent on the series, has made it known that their might be another one down the road while guesting on comedian Tim Dillon's podcast,

We could maybe do one more, maybe... I don't know if physically [David] can do more than, let's say another season. I think he could do another, I don't know if he has two in him.

Here's hoping that Larry is up to the task.

The 11th Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm will begin airing on HBO And HBO Max starting October 24th, 2021.