Prince Harry is rumored to have decided to cut all ties with the royal family in the UK after arguing with brother Prince William.

A cover story claimed that things had been pretty "icy" between Princess Diana's sons recently. People previously reported that the Sussexes had no plans to return to the UK Kensington Palace to celebrate the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue.

However, a source told Woman's Day via Suggest that Prince William wanted the Duke of Sussex to be in the private reception. However, they said, "he became increasingly concerned that Harry and Meghan might use the event for commercial gain."

Dismayed Prince

The informant further claimed that the Netflix production of the Sussexes has got Prince William dismayed after seeing photos of his brother with a microphone wire in New York.

Based on the source, William raised his concern to Harry that he "might secretly film or record Diana's party." And this has caused Harry to "hit the roof" and declare that he will never return to his homeland.

As for the father of three, who is familiar with Harry's described "flash temper," the source insisted that the fight between the two has gotten more serious compared to their "typical spat."

The insider leaked, "It does seem at this point that if Harry doesn't put on a united from in memory of their mother, there's no going back." In the end, William reportedly urged his brother to take back what he said for his own good.

More from him, they also proclaimed that the Duke of Cambridge feared that once Meghan Markle loses her privileges, she will take her frustrations to Harry.

Not just that, but also, the Prince will "have no one" once she leaves. As the source concluded, "William doesn't want Harry to live to regret turning his back on his family, but there's only so much disrespect that he, as the older brother and future king, can stand."

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The Sussexes may have just got back from their New York trip after their appearance from Global Citizen Live. However, thinking that the couple has two young children, it is in doubt that Harry and Markle will have another time to travel overseas.

Suggest believed that Harry had already done his part for the statue unveiling that happened in July and visiting the private reception would "cause more stress than anything else." They also said that Harry's absence this time is nothing malicious at all, even through the eyes of their relatives.

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