Fans from all over the world have been gushing over Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck after they reconciled this year. The couple has since attended numerous red carpet events together and even shared their love on social media. However, behind the sweetness that they portray in the public, one report alleges that there is something bad going on between them; is this true?

According to a report published by OK! Magazine, the two are drifting apart because of their separate careers as Lopez is currently filming a movie in Canada.

The "Hit On The Floor" songstress is reportedly scared that her significant other is going to leave her soon, so she's pressuring him to propose as soon as possible.

An insider said the growing distance between the couple is bothering Lopez, so she has been "pressuring him big time to pop the question."

To deal with the ongoing situation, Affleck is reportedly taking his time away to breathe and think about some things.

On the other hand, the singer has been suspicious about the actor's actions as she "picked up on that vibe," leading her to freak out even more.

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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Relationship Woes Issue Debunked

After the report made rounds on the internet, Suggest debunked the claims by pointing out a few inconsistencies with their story.

The outlet noted that the magazine's sources aren't reliable, and their close friends won't dish on their relationship woes to anyone.

Although it is true that they're having a hard time being away from each other, they were spotted kissing during an airport drop off, meaning there is no strain behind their relationship.

The power couple spent a weekend together before Lopez leaves for a flight to Vancouver, British Columbia.

In addition, a source spoke to People Magazine, saying the two are "incredibly happy when they are together," but spending time at work and being away for a long time is difficult.

Whenever they are free from their intense work schedules, the insider said the two are "finding time for each other whenever they can."

Furthermore, to prove their love for each other, the source said Lopez flew to Texas from Canada just to visit him for a few hours before returning to work.

"They are making it work though. They are incredibly happy when they are together. It's like the distance has made them appreciate their relationship even more," the insider added.

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