Queen Elizabeth has reportedly refused to admit that her reign is near the end due to her health condition.

Rumor says that the royal family has been planning her funeral this early while her Highness has ignored her poor health signs. An insider told Us Weekly via Suggest noted, "The queen is telling people that she's on the mend."

"The problem is, she continues to have underlying health conditions, which are of great concern to her family," they added.

Exploring The Queen's Health

It has been weeks since Queen Elizabeth has been on the top of the headlines due to her public appearances, recalling one for bringing a walking cane on her royal engagements. She has also experienced back sprain, which made her miss the "Remembrance Day" ceremony.

  The source further claimed that the Queen wouldn't stop working while her family scrambled on the idea of monarchy without her. The informant added, "The queen's not in tip-top condition like she's making out."

The magazine has also shared "top-secret documents" that could prove what will happen when the Queen passes. And it appeared that the government is planning a 10-day funeral for her, declaring that she will have a state funeral at Westminster Abbey and will be buried at Windsor Castle's King George VI Memorial Chapel.

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Are All Of This True?

While it is no secret that the royal is not doing well for the past months, it is known by the public that the Queen has been taking care of herself, firstly by following the doctor's advice to rest when she was hospitalized in October and even stepped away from public engagements in order to rest.

Other than that, she also stopped her martini consumption as told. Suggest also claimed that the Queen has been working with comfort at home.

In fact, people even spotted her driving around the palace grounds. They also stated that they doubt the royal is ignoring the public's concern about her health. Recently, People also reported that she has returned to her royal engagements with smiles on her face, meeting General Sir Nick Carter at Windsor Castle since hospitalization.

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