Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means that Friendsgiving is, more than likely, coming around even sooner. It can be tricky to curate the perfect Friendsgiving guest list. You of course have your core friend group of obvious invites, but from there it extends. Who else will be included? Who would be at your dream Friendsgiving? We all know that very frequently this dream guest list can consist of more than a few fictional people. We have quite a few sit-com characters we know we would love to have sit down to a friendsgiving meal with us. Here are just a few of them!

1. Ted Lasso - Ted Lasso


Who wouldn't want to have Ted Lasso at their Friendsgiving? The second he shows up, you know the whole event will become the happiest place in the world to be. Who better to give the pre-meal toast? ALSO! Thanksgiving is a holiday FAMOUS for also involving football (American football, but, I mean, that's where he started!)

2. Nora Lum - Nora From Queens


Every Friendsgiving needs someone who can get the funny, friendly, and fun conversations rolling. This person has to be outgoing enough to speak out the jokes everyone else is to shy to say at first. This person is Nora Lum.

3. Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation


I mean, you need someone to organize everything. And get the menu arranged. And decide who is bringing what. And make a backup in case everyone decides not to bring the thing that they said they would bring. Long story short, we would all love to have a Leslie Knope at our Friendsgiving.

4. Troy Barnes - Community


If you want a smiling, optimistic individual to make your Friendsgiving the best that it can be, you know you need to have Troy Barnes there. He will fill the day with friendly cheer, and he also knows how to commit to a bit. Troy is the human definition of good vibes only.

5. Abed - Community


I mean, you can't have Troy without Abed! While Abed may not be the first pick when it comes to creating the perfect Friendsgiving vibe, his bits with Troy will make it enjoyable for all. On top of that, no one wants an entirely drama free day. Someone has to bring the awkward moments to light, giving everyone something intriguing to talk about.

6. Schmidt - New Girl


There needs to be at least one neat freak at every Friendsgiving. How else are you going to get everything cleaned up after? Friends are messy. Everyone needs a Schmidt.

7. Janet - The Good Place




"Oh no! I forgot the-" Not with Janet you didn't! If you have Janet at your Friendsgiving, it doesn't matter how many people forget to bring the thing they said that they'd bring. It will be there.

8. Erin Quinn - Derry Girls

Sure she's from Ireland, but this is Friendsgiving not Thanksgiving. Plus, every Thanksgiving(ish) celebration needs a person that says, "I normally don't do anything on this day!"

There you go. The perfect Friendsgiving guest list! At this rate, why would you even invite your actual friends? Your table is all set!