Is Pete Davidson on the verge of being fired or banned from "Saturday Night Live"?

His castmates said he has a lot of air in his head after being associated to Kim Kardashian, who is one of the most well-known people on the planet.

Pete, who is claimed to be walking with a bit more swagger owing to his newfound confidence, has devolved into arrogance, according to production sources.

"This isn't Pete's first time doing anything like this. He thought he was a celebrity when he proposed to Ariana Grande. He's much worse now that he's hanging out with Kim," a source told Radar Online.

"All of the cast members crave recognition and a chance to shine, but at the end of the day, humor is the most valuable currency inside SNL."

"It has always been that the most brilliant, the funniest cast members are the most appreciated," they said. That's not to suggest Pete isn't talented, but even he would admit that his celebrity surpasses his abilities."


What 'SNL' Cast Thinks of Kim and Pete's Relationship

"You've got to be glad for love, I think," Kenan Thompson, one of "SNL's" most senior cast members, recently said of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's romance. "If it's love," he says.

"They look like they're having a good time!"

"I don't know what the nature of the friendship is, but it appears like they're having a wonderful time hanging around," said another cast member, Bowen Yang.

Though the cast members' comments don't appear to be malicious, Radar's sources claim that things aren't always that nice behind the scenes.

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Pete Davidson Thinks He's The Next Big Thing

"Pete is succumbing to his own self-promotion. With so much attention from the reporters and cameras, Pete is beginning to believe his own hype."

"It's very cutthroat inside 'SNL,'" the person continued. "Every week, cast members are pitted against one another. Inside '30 Rock,' it's like the 'Hunger Games,' where the best sketch wins the program."

Original "Saturday Night Live" cast members are now scared that because of his association with the KKW Beauty entrepreneur, Pete Davidson would get more airtime than the rest of them.

"That's not right, and the rest of the cast is turning against him."

After being seen holding hands in a parking lot last week, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson became official, albeit they have not commented on the reports that they are dating.

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