Alex Rodriguez is attempting to move on from his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez by hooking up with another high-profile Hollywood star.

The National Enquirer reports that the former MLB standout is interested in dating Demi Moore.

They claim that the only reason he wants Demi is because she is the only one who can help him regain his popularity.

A-Rod hasn't been making headlines in the months following his breakup with Jennifer Lopez. However, the only way sportsmen, particularly baseball players, may become the talk of the town again is if another A-lister develops an interest in them.

Alex had apparently had great hopes for his relationship with Demi and had been smitten on her for years.

An insider revealed to the outlet, "He wants someone who could thrust him back in the spotlight, which he can't do on his own."

"Alex has been crushing on Demi for years. He thinks she's still incredibly sexy and has long fantasized about dating her. Now, he's trying his best to make it happen."

According to the source, Alex Rodriguez and Demi Moore recently went on a date in New York, and the sportsman was persuaded that there was a spark between them.

Demi is "absolutely his type," according to A-Rod, who is "athletic and fit."

However, it doesn't appear like it would work out because the 59-year-old former highest-paid actress is said to be happy with her single status.

"And even if she did want to date again, she's not interested in a guy who's all about the show and worse, has been labeled a cheater."

When reality actress Madison LeCroy stated that a baseball player flirted with her, Alex Rodriguez became embroiled in a scandal.


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The Real Deal on Alex Rodriguez's Desire to Date Demi Moore

The National Enquirer's report should be taken with a grain of salt. Alex Rodriguez does not appear to be interested in dating Demi Moore.

There's no indication that Demi Moore is interested in dating him, either.

They also don't appear to be friends with the same people.

While Alex Rodriguez has been connected to a number of women following his breakup with Jennifer Lopez, the latter seems content with her restored relationship with Ben Affleck.

Despite their hectic schedules, they appear to be going strong.

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