If you haven't seen Disney's new musical Encanto yet and you want a taste of the music before you get a ticket, they're way ahead of you - although they've already released several short clips of the songs in the movie (penned by none other than the incomparable Lin Manuel Miranda), they just released one more in honor of the movie's premiere today. This clip is from the Tango-esque song, "We Don't Talk About Bruno."

The song seems to tell the story of the time the wedding of two of the members of the Madrigal family - and how this blacklisted "Bruno" came in and ruined it somehow. All of the members of the Madrigal family have some kind of power, and it seems like Bruno's might be some kind of prederilection - the song says that "he would see something terrible, and then [many strange voice effects] BOOM! It would happen."

It also seems like something terrible has now been predicted to happen to the main character, Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) - but what, exactly, is up to Disney to tell.

Encanto tells the story of a big Colombian family, the Madigals, whose enchanted home grants each of them special powers - each of them, that is, except Mirabel. But when the magic that surrounds her home and her family is threatened, suddenly she becomes the only one who can save them, the magic, and their small hidden town in the mountains.

You can see Disney's Encanto in theaters now.