Over the past few weeks, Travis Scott has met a lot of criticism due to the harrowing accident at the Astroworld Festival in NRJ Park. The rapper seems to be ready to face the public again as he recently went out to play golf with several celebrities, but Twitter users are disappointed.

According to TMZ, the "Highest In The Room" hitmaker was spotted hanging out in South California with Michael Jordan, Said Tahgmaoui, Mark Walberg, and Kris Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

Bystanders were able to see the handful of A-list stars in a golf course in Palm Springs around a private area where Kris Jenner owns a property.

The outlet described Scott as "somber" in some photos taken.

After the devastating concert, which claimed the lives of ten people and injured hundreds of concertgoers, the rapper stayed at his home in Austin, Texas.

This is the first time Kylie Jenner's boyfriend has gone out publicly since the event.

Twitter Users Are Not Happy

After photos of Scott circulated online, many fans expressed their thoughts on Twitter, and most of them were disappointed.

"We've been waiting for him to give us explanations on his behavior in the clips & he's playing golf like he's on a damn political retreat or vacation," one wrote.

"Hopefully that was a fundraising event for him cause he gonna need that money to pay them peoples," another one wrote.

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"So you don't come out to tell people you are so for what happen but you will go play golf....pfft," one tweeted.

Despite his backlash, some fans rallied their support to the rapper and defended him from his recent actions.

"let him have his time off we probs wont hear from him until the lawsuits are all done," one wrote.

Travis Scott Facing Billions of Dollars in Lawsuit?

In early reports, more than 125 have filed a whopping $750 million lawsuit against Scott, Apple, Live Nation, Drake, and anyone involved with the event.

A Houston-based attorney Tony Buzbee filed the complaint against the abovementioned names. He alleged that the rapper and organizers of the event neglected the tragedy and failed to create a plan for the safety of fans.

The reason why they're asking for a staggering price is that it would be used to cover physical and mental health injuries, as well as for those who died.

Buzbee clarified that no amount of money could restore any life of those who passed away, but the damages in their case could be "fix, help, or make up for the harms and losses suffered" by the victims.

In recent reports, aside from the victims mentioned above, another legal counsel named Thomas Henry, who currently represents over 200 alleged victims. He filed a $2 billion lawsuit against the rapper and others.

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