Jane "Nightbirde" Marczewski, a singer who won the hearts of "America's Got Talent" audience and fans, recently shared an update regarding her cancer treatment after being forced to withdraw from the competition to recover from her illness.

According to Deadline, the 30-year-old singer spoke to CNN's Chris Cuomo, saying she's been feeling well recently, but it's happening slowly.

"I did get a scan result back and a bunch of stuff that was there disappeared. A bunch of the big stuff has gone down in size so we're on the way," she said. (watch the full interview below)

In addition, Nightbirde also reflected on her cancer journey, saying her illness changed how she perceives things in life.

She mentioned that life is "so imperfect" as there are hard and unfair times, but people don't realize that "dreams are happening and miracles are happening."

Nightbirde then revealed the miracle that she's been hoping for, which is to "skip the pain" because she doesn't want to feel it, and she's looking forward that her cancer would "go away super fast."

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To inspire the public with her determination in fighting her medical condition, the singer added a heartwarming quote, saying, "There's 100 different miracles in the fight. If I only take the ones that taste sweet I won't get any miracles at all. So I'm grateful for whatever I have."

Furthermore, cancer is not getting on her way in continuing her music writing journey as she mentioned that she's proud of the songs that she wrote over the past few months.

Pain is one of her inspirations as she revealed that it drives her to the deep places.

Since her condition has stricken her from using her voice in singing, she's happy that her voice is improving, as she mentioned that she "sings a lot" more recently.

"Even though it's not up to a hundred percent, I'm just so happy to be singing. I could not stop smiling today," she added.

Who Is Nightbirde?

In early reports, Nightbirde is an inspirational singer that tried her luck in the latest season of "AGT." She won the hearts of people worldwide as her audition video was watched by millions of fans.

Out of all the people who heard her sing, she captured judge Simon Cowell's attention, leading him to push the golden buzzer, which advances her to the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, she had to withdraw from the competition in August to focus on her recovery.

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