Wendy Williams will have no trouble moving on with her life after her TV program ends, as she allegedly has plans in place.

According to reports, producers are trying to replace her permanently after she was absent from "The Wendy Williams Show" for an extended period of time owing to her failing health.

Wendy Williams' brother, Tommy Williams, told The Sun that the two had discussed Wendy's future endeavors and that he believes she will succeed.

"She's definitely kicked around some different ideas, all of which I know she'll be successful with, but time will tell."

He detailed the 57-year-professional old's path, which might include educating or guiding other media fans.

Her younger brother explained, "I do believe that anything, post her career in television, if that were to be the case, would be involving youth and people who dream of doing something in the media."

"She can show them some of the other ropes, not the regular ropes, but some of the other ropes - because Wendy knows a lot about those other ropes."

Tommy also claimed that Wendy could provide tips and tricks for the younger generation through a Masterclass, gushing, "You probably have to go through a pledge period to see if you're qualified to take on this class."

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Wendy Williams Replaced Permanently on Her Show?


Following claims that her show's producers are replacing her, Wendy Williams is apparently done with "The Wendy Williams Show."

According to a recent report by Radar Online, the author's production firm is seeking for a substitute host, and Sherri Shepherd, who stood in for the host before the holiday break, may win the position.

During the times when Sherri and Leah Remini and Whitney Port guested, there were said to be "auditions" to see who could take Wendy Williams' position.

Their source revealed, "Sherri is the frontrunner, and staff think it's all but a done deal with her."

"The Wendy Williams Show's" ratings have risen dramatically since Sherri became a guest host.

Fans are also gushing about Sherri Shepherd's performance on the show, with many requesting that the 54-year-old take Wendy's position permanently.

During the week of November 1, her appearance created quite an impression.

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