Brian Laundrie's case reportedly showed all signs Chris and Roberta had something to do with his case all along.

People were left shocked this week after discovering Laundrie died due to a self-inflicted gunshot in the head. The findings evidenced that the authorities failed to warn the public that the fugitive was armed and dangerous.

But regardless of the responders' lapses, people pointed out that there have been signs that Laundrie's parents, Chris and Roberta, already knew even the little details about the case since the beginning.

Chris, Roberta Laundrie Let Brian Die?

Several users involved Chris and Roberta's names in the case again as they seemingly played a huge role in the case as a whole.

Most internet users even questioned why they never stopped their kid from taking the car despite knowing he might be suicidal because of what happened with Petito.

One wrote, "So the parents said they couldn't stop him him from taking the car, and it turns out they couldn't stop him from taking a gun either. And they were so worried they didn't contact the police for four days."

"I think real justice for Gabby starts when the Laundrie parents get charged for tampering with evidence, and helping Brian escape. It may not be full Justice but it would be a good day to see Roberta and Christopher Laundrie locked up," another suggested.

Before their comments emerged, former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer and News Nation Now's correspondent Brian Entin recently had an in-depth conversation about Chris and Roberta, as well as their connection to the case.

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The authorities never released detailed information about the findings nor the state of the skeletal remains when they discovered them. The gun which Laundrie used to kill himself also was not in the area.

Due to the lack of suicide weapon, people said Laundrie might still be alive and hiding somewhere else/

While reports about Laundrie being alive should be taken with a grain of salt, the part where Chris and Roberta might highly likely receive charges took over the spotlight. Experts said that a discarded item or deleted text could easily cause them to receive charges.

The public has questions that remain unresolved as of the press time, and they do not want anything for now except for concrete answers.

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