Drew Barrymore previously ditched acting to star in her talk show called "The Drew Barrymore Show," which follows almost the same format as Ellen DeGeneres' program. Recently, one report suggests that the actress' show is getting canceled soon; could this be true?

According to a report published by In Touch, Barrymore's beloved program is on the rocks and on the birk of getting axed from fans' television screens.

The actress is devastated by the news because she's not ready to let go as they only had one season. Now, the "Charlie's Angels" star has been reportedly scrambling and doing her best to save her show.

Barrymore has been inviting A-list celebrities to guest on her show for them to boost ratings. Some of the famous personalities who graced her stage were Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston.

Although Barrymore is doing her best as a host, it's not enough for the show to be maintained on daytime TV.

"It may take a miracle to turn things around," an insider said.

What's The Truth Behind 'The Drew Barrymore Show'?

After the issue made rounds online, Suggest debunked the claims by pointing out some of the issue's inconsistency with their story.

The outlet mentioned that the show doesn't have low ratings because it has been renewed for a second season which will air until March of 2022.

Aside from the renewal, the outlet also noted that the show managed to snag big ratings and positive reviews despite being a newcomer. The show premiered in September, and it amassed 25 percent higher than last year.

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A significant factor affecting her show's ratings is two of her biggest competitors for daytime talk shows: Ellen DeGeneres and Kelly Clarkson.

Per the outlet, the singer is set to take over the comedian's position as being the leading talk show host over the past decades as DeGeneres is ready to step down from her hosting duties.

At the time of this writing, the climate within the talk show industry remains tight. When DeGeneres' final episode wraps up, Barrymore and Clarkson will go head to head when it comes to ratings.

The Success of Drew Barrymore's Daytime Show

According to Deadline, the actress' show became one of CBS's successful programs despite being released in the middle of the pandemic.

Today, as things are slowly getting back to normal, Barrymore's show is now welcoming a physical audience to her New York-based studio.

Some famous people who dropped by in her show's first season were Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Adam Sandler, David Letterman, and more.

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