Ok. Buckle up. It's Marvel Theory time.

As most MCU fans (or people who still see ads) know by now, Spider-Man: No Way Home, the highly anticipated conclusion to the MCU Spider-Man trilogy with Tom Holland, hits theaters this month, December 17th. Then there's the MCU series Hawkeye, also airing new episodes every Wednesday - and fans are anticipating big news to hit this Wednesday, ahead of the Spider-Man premiere.

The reason fans are excited is that they've made a grouping of connections between the movie, the show, and a third, sort-of related show: Daredevil.

Daredevil was an MCU show before the Disney+ app ever got started, and despite being wildly popular, it was cancelled after three seasons. Though it broke fans' hearts, Netflix promised in a statement that "the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel."

Well, it's the future, and fans think those projects are Hawkeye and Spider-Man. Why? See these tweets:

This tweet points out that the same reporter was used in background shots in all three properties. While some other tweets have pointed out that this man is just a local NYC reporter, who often gets hired to do background anchor work in films, casting this particular man in all those things still represents a choice on the part of Marvel.

This tweet illustrates a shared setting, though, a more convincing piece of evidence: A party in the first episode of Hawkeye is held at the home of Wilson Fisk in Daredevil - same building and everything.

But paired with the other evidence, this tweet kind of seals the deal - Vincent D'Onafrio, Wilson Fisk himself, seemed to be teasing his appearance in the series in this tweet from just a couple of days ago. Fisk is the alter ego of the villain Kingpin, one of the main rivals of another superhero - Spider-Man. And with him poised to appear in an episode just ahead of the movie's premiere, fans are wondering if he'll be making an appearance there as well - especially since so many other crossover villains are already confirmed to be in attendance.

Fans seem pretty sure of themselves already, but they'll have to wait two more weeks to know for sure.

This comes amidst the news that there was an Uncle Ben reference in Spider-Man Homecoming. People really can't get Spidey off their minds.


Writer Jonathan Goldstein revealed, "We wrote a scene where May takes Peter to the closet and they choose one of Ben's old suits which she still hadn't thrown away." The scene was eventually cut out of the film and now people are anticipating everything from every Spider-Man movie ever for the next installment of the franchise.

Spider-Man: No Way Home premieres December 17.