Prince Harry addressed the "deliberately vague" report about the Cash For Honors scandal involving Prince Charles' former aide, Michael Fawcett.

In the past months, several reports emerged claiming Fawcett helped Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz in securing a knighthood and British citizenship in exchange for his whopping charity donations.

Fawcett has since departed the royal family, but he has still been the subject of an inquiry last week that proved he really did work with fixers to give them honors and nominations between 2014 and 2018.

In the wake of the issue, Prince Harry's name has been included, as well, since he once accepted donations from Mahfouz and his associates for his Sentebale.

The royal prince chose to break his silence after The Sunday Times report revealed his charity indeed received donations in 2013 after having a private meeting with the Saudi business mogul.

"It is disappointing that The Sunday Times, knowing all the facts, has chosen to encourage speculation by being deliberately vague to try to create a falsified link between the Duke of Sussex and the CBE scandal, of which he had no knowledge or involvement," he said, as quoted by People.

He then clarified that he and his advisers already cut ties with Mahfouz and everyone related to him. He maintained he never accepted further donations since 2015.

It added that he only had one meeting with Mahfouz eight years ago and never introduced him to any royal family members.

What Did The Inquiry Reveal About Prince Charles' Aide, Cash For Honors Scandal?

A report released after the inquiry last week revealed Fawcett did the scheme under the radar of the foundation's trustees - who were unaware of his communications at that time.

"Ernst & Young found no evidence that employees or trustees of the Prince's Foundation were aware of private dinners being 'sold' or arranged in exchange for money," the statement went on.

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Following the release of the findings, a spokesperson for Clarence House expressed its gratitude toward the independent auditors who reviewed the procedure at the Prince Charles foundation.

It added that it wants utmost respect and highest standards in all the charities that have the Prince of Wales' name.

"We are taking this opportunity to reinforce guidance to these charities, particularly in respect of their relationships with supporters," the residence went on.

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