Another year has passed, and Steve Harvey has returned to host the annual "Miss Universe," however, the comedian has received criticism as soon as the show ended.

There was a part in the night where the "Family Guy" host asked Miss Universe winner Harnaaz Sandhu from India to make an animal impression on stage, which doesn't seem acceptable for the fans.

Harvey asked Sandhu, "I hear you do some pretty good animal impersonations. Let's hear your best one."

And for Ms. India's response, looking shocked, "Oh my god, Steve, I was not expecting to do this on the world stage. I have to do this, I have no other option." She still managed to do a couple of "meows" on the live show before asking other contestants about their accolades, mentioning Ms. Panama, Brenda Smith's role with the United Nations, and Ms. Great Britain, Emma Collingridge's fight with gender-based violence.

Miss India's Background

According to the Independent, despite the issue, the crowned Miss Universe is a "staunch advocate for women's rights and empowerment in India." It was also mentioned that she worked with her gynecologist mother to spread awareness on proper women's hygiene at health camps.

Aside from that, the source stated that she is also an actor and starred in numerous Punjabi-language films while taking a Master's degree in public administration. Many netizens have brought up the issue and took offense to the 64-year-old celeb's question as "culturally insensitive" and "completely inappropriate."

Social media deputy editor Sarakshi Rai from "The Hill" raised her concern and said, "OMG, Miss India meowing at Steve Harvey is not what I was expecting to see tonight. Pretty sure the Miss Universe organization could have asked a better question... very frustrating, but she was nothing if not confident."

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Netizens Ask For Replacement

This was also supported by another Twitter user and said, "I'm tired of Steve Harvey. Miss Universe couldn't find another host that's not culturally insensitive? Lol."

"Is it just me, or is Steve Harvey continually inappropriate and continues to make embarrassing gaffes. Asking Miss India to make cat sounds, then (again) mixing up country names - this time calling Miss Paraguay, Miss Portugal. I think he should move on," another user posted.

Another user said: "He makes fun of contestants. He makes awful jokes. Please get someone new."

The 2021 Miss Universe became one of many shows that Harvey has hosted multiple times and even drew flak on the 2015 edition announcing the real winner. Back then, he admitted his "honest mistake" after announcing Ms. Colombia as the winner instead of Ms. Philippines.

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