Jamie Spears seemingly planned the conservatorship all along after a new report unveiled the previous shocking transaction he made.

Although Britney is officially free from her father's conservatorship, her attorney Matthew Rosengart said their team still aims to reveal Jamie's corruption through the years. They also believe the patriarch reaped millions from the singer's estate.

Recently, a new report seemingly proved it as Jamie reportedly received a loan days before filing for a conservatorship program.

The New York Times reported on Sunday (via Page Six) that Jamie received at least $40,000

from Lou Taylor's firm, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. At that time, the pop star was hospitalized on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

After Jamie secured the load, he filed a petition to California court to grant him full control of Britney's estate and personal affairs. He sent the filing while the singer was still in the hospital. According to the patriarch, his daughter was vulnerable and struggling with her mental health, prompting him to make the move.

In exchange for this, he said he should get paid as he helped her through the conservatorship.

A judge approved his request, starting the conservatorship program of the singer. Only a year later, Jamie hired Tri-Star as the manager of her estate.

As of the writing, it remains unknown where he used the loan for.

Jamie Spears Sparks Damaging Allegations

Following the report, several experts weighed in and shared their thoughts about the turn of events.

National Guardianship Association president Anthony Palmieri told the news outlet that there might be a conflict that occurred.

"It makes me wonder where the allegiance lies. Is the conservator making decisions in the best interest of the conservatee or the business manager who they owe a debt to? It reeks of conflict of interest," Palmieri disclosed.

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Meanwhile, Taylor's lawyer Charles Harder defended his client and revealed Jamie repaid the small loan. He also insisted that the money the patriarch borrowed did not have anything to do with Tri Star's works on the conservatorship program for years.

The news outlet then revealed that both Taylor and Jamie benefitted from Spears' conservatorship. Per the report, Britney's father received an estimated $6 million over 13 years, while Tri Star earned 5 percent of the singer's adjusted gross entertainment revenue.

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