Although Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck appear to be cordial with each other after they got divorced, one report suggests that the former is reeling and "disgusted" with her ex's comments about alcoholism, which he blames her as the primary cause; could this be true?

According to a report published by Life & Style, the "13 Going on 30" actress was not happy with her ex-husband's revelation that his drinking problems started when he realized that he was "trapped" in their marriage.

The tension between the two is reportedly getting worse despite the comment being made five years ago.

The magazine noted Affleck's sit-down interview with Howard Stern, saying he would still drink if he's still married to his previous partner.

The "Batman" star also said their marriage was a "part" of why he started turning to alcohol because he felt "trapped."

However, despite his doubts, because he didn't want to leave his children, he's unhappy with their relationship.

He later clarified that drinking alcohol was a wrong choice for everyone, but the backlash against him had gone worst.

Affleck later recalled the interview, saying the public took his words incorrectly, but it's too late.

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An insider spoke to the magazine, saying, "things have been tense" since the interview aired between the former power couple.

Garner was reportedly hurt by the situation leading her to open up her side of the story to her pals.

"She's disgusted with him and says it will be hard to trust Ben again," the insider said. The actress has been skeptical of her ex's statements ever since.

The source, who claims to know the actual story behind their fallout, revealed that their connection started on a good note. Still, it crumbled when Affleck "started to show his true colors," leading their marriage to turn into a "nightmare" because of his lies and selfishness.

The Truth Behind Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck

After the magazine published the report, Suggest debunked the claims by pointing out a few inconsistencies from the story.

The outlet noted that Garner has all the right to reveal to the public their fallout, especially the alleged cheating incident. Still, she denied the rumors during their divorce proceedings even though it could help her with the child custody arrangements.

In addition, the outlet also noted that the magazine's sources are unreliable as they failed to present a piece of substantial evidence to prove their claims.

Moreover, Garner wouldn't trust the magazine's so-called "friends" who will spill all their private details to different publications.

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