40th Anniversary American Music Awards - Arrivals/2021 CFDA Fashion Awards
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Happy New Year! You know what they all say: new year, new social media challenge. 

2022 is officially here! With every new year, people start to think about the passage of time, where they've come from, where they are going, and how much they have changed. Everyone has started taking to social media to post a picture of themselves from ten years ago side-by-side with a picture of them from this year. This juxtaposition of pictures in time, otherwise known as the #10yearchallenge, happens every year, but it remains interesting.

10 years ago, we all sat solidly in 2012. After getting over rumors and lore of the world ending that very year, peopel would take to their early addition iPhones or slowly aging BlackBerrys and stay up late Tuesday nights watching Pretty Little Liars. Now, in 2022, everything is streamed, we are in the thick of a pandemic, and iPhones are higher tech than we ever could have imagined. 

The personal growth that comes over this length of time is often times most visable with our celebrities. It is surprising to realize that certain individuals have been a main focus of the public eye for over ten years now. Actors such as Zendaya and Hailee Steinfeld have grown up before our very eyes! At the onset of this new year, we thought it would be fun to do a #10yearchallenge for a few of our all time favorite people in the public eye! Here are 24 celebrity #10yearchallenges for 2022!