New information has just come in on the popular U.K. soap opera, Coronation Street, which will reportedly feature murky waters ahead for Rita on the August, 15 episode.

According to STV, Rita will find herself surrounded by a bunch of hoodlums on the Red Ree. She answers a phone call from Dennis and pleas with him to come to her aid. However, the gang snatches her phone as well as her handbag.

Coming to the realization that Rita was in harm's way, Dennis along with Tommy and Tina, rush to the Rec to save her.

Meanwhile, David is motivated to keep his family intact as he goes to the hospital to stand by Leanne, and volunteers to work whatever hours necessary to save Nick's business.

While Gail insists she is immensely proud of him, David hides his guilt over keeping up a facade.

Also, the site reported that Craig confesses to his mother that "his turmoil is down to him thinking about his dad, but she realises he's not being honest with her."

Coronation Street airs in the U.K. on Monday and Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. Be sure to keep checking back for more of the latest details on the popular program. A recent interview of the cast can be watched below.