'Grimm' Season 3 Premiere: Nick Causes Damage as a Zombie in First Two Episodes? [VIDEO]

A few new spoilers were released for the upcoming third season of Grimm regarding Nick (David Giuntoli) as a zombie.

When the series last left off, Nick had become infected with zombie slime, turning him into a zombie. The effects will soon wear off after a few episodes into season 3, but there will still be some symptoms he has to deal with in the future.

The symptoms will include memory loss - but not "that amnesia that Juliette had," series co-creator David Greenwalt told TVLine in a Thursday report. He'll remember his status as a Grimm and a cop and most of the details of his life, but not his zombie period.

"He doesn't remember anything that happened while he was under the influence," Greenwalt continued. He added that Nick won't want to know the extent of things he did when he was a zombie.

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As for the damage Nick will do as a zombie in the first few episodes of the season, he will definitely be leaving a mark.

"On a scale where 'kitten' is 1 and 'Bengal tiger' is 10, he's about an 11," series co-creator James Kouf told TVLine in a Tuesday report. The extent of Nick's damage will be over by the end of episode 2, "but there's kind of residual damage," Kouf added.

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Season 3 of Grimm is scheduled to premiere on Friday, Oct. 25 at 9 p.m. on NBC with the episode The Ungrateful Dead.

Watch this behind-the-scenes video detailing Nick's (Giuntoli's) transformation from human to zombie:

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