‘One Life to Live’ Cancelled amid Prospect Park and ABC Battle: Is ‘All My Children’ at risk? [REPORT, PHOTOS]


After ABC canceled soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children in 2011, fans begged for them to be brought back, something that was finally done this past summer when Prospect Park starting airing new episodes of re-booted versions of the soaps on The Online Network.

Now, after only one season, die-hard fans of at least OLTL might have to bid goodbye to their show for good, as production on it was shelved while Prospect Park files a lawsuit against ABC.

The lawsuit, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, stems from the production company agreeing to loan some OLTL characters to ABC for guest spots on the still-running General Hospital. As Prospect Park continued writing arcs for these characters though, ABC killed them off, without giving the producers and writers of OLTL any sort of notice.

The lawsuit, which was filed in April, stated that "ABC inexplicably killed off two 'One Life to Live' characters on loan to 'General Hospital' by having their car forced off a cliff."

Because the show is tangled up in the lawsuit, the production was halted, and rumors have it at risk of being officially canceled after it also didn't perform as well online as All My Children, which saw a 25% bigger viewing audience overall.

Show vet Erika Slezak took to her website to reassure fans that the show would be back at some point however, showing there is still hope for it.

"When these issues are worked out between Prospect Park and ABC/Disney, we will resume, but unfortunately there is no timetable. I sincerely thank all of you for watching and supporting us and keep your fingers crossed for a speedy resolution," she said.

Season two of AMC is scheduled to begin production later next month, and so far, doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon.

Both shows suffered on television from a dwindling audience, prompting ABC to cancel them in favor of new talk shows like The Chew, which started its third season last week. Both shows were picked up by Prospect Park shortly after, but still suffered from delays which kept them off the air until this year.

Both shows were also reduced from four new 30 minute episodes a week early into their first seasons, and instead aired twice instead due to low viewer turnout.

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