The title for Supernatural's eighth episode is out along with some interesting casting tidbits.

While the Vancouver based Supernatural team is currently hard at work on episode 7, "Heaven Can't Wait," preproduction has already begun on season 9's eighth installment.

Titled "Rock and a Hard Place," the episode has the unique distinction in that it is written by a female author, Jenny Klein. Known for having a high level of male bylines, Supernatural appears to be adding a bit of diversity this season.

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Although Klein has been an writer's assistant for the CW drama since season 3 and has written several episodes including last year's "Torn and Frayed," producer Jim Michaels was quick to point out to his Twitter followers that Klien is not the only female writer on the payroll this year.

"We have 3 female writers on #Supernatural this season! [Jenny Klien,] Eugenie Ross-Leming & Nicole Snyder," Michaels wrote.

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Directed by longtime Supernatural helmer John MacCarthy ("Remember the Titans," "As Time Goes By"), the episode will feature two new female characters, according to Spoiler TV. There is Kathy, who runs a church and may hide evil beneath her innocent looks, and a chastity counselor named Suzy.

It will be interesting to see how Dean (Jensen Ackles) reacts to Suzy and her mission.

Supernatural returns to the CW on Oct. 8, now on Tuesday nights.

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