Celine Dion & Ne-Yo 'Incredible' Collaboration on Her New Album, VIDEO of Behind-the-Scenes Recording

Celine Dion previewed her Incredible duet with Ne-Yo for her new album Loved Me Back to Life in a behind-the-scenes video released Oct. 26.

She recorded only two duets for her new record, one featuring writing and vocals by the R&B singer. Throughout the clip, neither singers nor producer Eman could stop repeating "Incredible" to describe their efforts on the track. The singers teamed up at a recording studio in Las Vegas' The Palms Hotel and Casino.

The clip began with Dion revealing that her son convinced her to collaborate with Ne-Yo and was excited about his mother working with the So Sick singer. Dion then asked Ne-Yo for help, particularly on pronunciation.

" 'Let's give them something amazing,' " she sang to him, quoting a lyric from the song. "You don't say 'something.' You gotta teach me."

"Yeah, it's 'summin',' " Ne-Yo said. "It's not even something I do on purpose. My lips are so big that they get in the way."

"Well, sometimes we wish to have lips like yours, so it's okay," Dion responded.

Ne-Yo later closed his eyes and took in how Dion performed her share of the duet. Eman told her to get more "intimate" singing the track and Ne-Yo added, "yeah cuz my soft and breath-y sucks compared to yours."

"OK, I'll try to bring the sex appeal into it," Dion jokingly responded.

Loved Me Back to Life, also featuring a duet with Stevie Wonder, comes out Nov. 5 in select countries. The album's other release dates are listed on Dion's official website.

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