Oct 29, 2013 01:14 PM EDT By Natasha Taggart

'Charmed' Reboot is a Bad Idea, Stars Think; PHOTOS of Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan & Holly Marie Combs Then and Now

Following the Oct. 25 announcment that the 1998 TV show Charmed will be revived by CBS, the stars of the original series said they aren't too happy about the new project.

The show, which wrapped in 2006, used to air on Warner Bros.' now defunct television channel and ran for eight seasons with 178 episodes. The main characters were portrayed by Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, and Shannen Doherty. They played three sisters who were also witches.

McGowan, who played Paige Matthews in the series, took to Twitter to express her dismay regarding the show's revival.

"They are really running out of ideas in Hollywood," the 40-year-old actress wrote on Oct. 25. "Lame lame lame lamertons."

Milano seconded the opinion and said that she thought the timing was not right.

"The thing about them doing a #charmed reboot is ... it just ... it feels like yesterday," she tweeted. "It feels too close."

Fans also seemed to agree with the women and expressed their disagreement via Twitter. However, Combs felt differently.

"Here's the thing. Everything is a reboot. If you think otherwise you haven't read enough Shakespeare yet." she posted"At least they had the decency to call it what it is. Instead of ripping it off and then pretending to not be ripping it off."

She also went on to advise fans to "reserve" their judgment and give the new adaptation a chance. "Watch it. Or don't. Then if you don't have anything nice to say..... Come sit by me. ;)" she wrote.

Milano is the new host for the third season of Project Runway: All Starswhich premiered on Oct. 24. She also stars as Savannah Davis on Mistresses (ABC).

McGowan recently got married to her long-time partner Dave Detail. The actress posted pictures from the wedding on her Instagram account.

Combs most recently starred as Ella Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars.

CBS will be working on a complete re-imagining of Charmed with Party of Five co-creator Chris Keyser and partner Sydney Sidner co-writing the project. The original show was created by Aaron Spelling for Warner Bros. CBS, which has all the rights to Spelling's work, will be producing the show with the Tannenbaum Company. At time of publication, the network has only ordered a script for the pilot.

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