Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has amazed and delighted fans at the AmfAR Cinema Against Aids gala in Cannes last night, revealing a slimmer and elegant figure following recent criticism over her weight gain.

Bachchan has received fierce and harsh criticism and mocking in her native India for her weight gain, with many saying she was not losing her baby weight fast enough. However, she has responded to her critics wearing a gold embroidered sari and co-coordinating tailored jacket with Mandarin collar and stunning fans with her toned up look.

Bachchan gave birth to a baby girl last November, but unlike some other celebrities she did not slim back down within weeks of giving birth. The former Miss World received extremely harsh criticism, with some even openly mocking her in viral Internet videos.

But the "Bride and Prejudice" actress, who has been described by Hollywood's Julia Roberts as the world's most beautiful woman, has looked to quiet those who became obsessed with her weight.

One video titled "Aishwarya Rai's shocking weight gain" has been seen more than half a million times, and sparked a flurry of similar videos to be created in the aftermath. Many rebuked her double chin, and others condemned her saying it was her "duty" to fans to recapture her sexy pre-pregnancy figure.

One comment on the video stated, "Aish needs to look at herself compared to other famous celebrities like Victoria Beckham. Mrs Becks shrunk back down in days, where as Aish has lost her self-respect."

Another rebuked, "Bollywood does not want to see this Mrs Aishwarya Rai!!"

However, Bachchan has not allowed herself to become obsessed with losing weight following her little girl's birth, instead saying she wants to "enjoy motherhood".

Some stuck up for her, with one blogger commenting, "Good for you Aishwarya, focus on your baby and not on these idiots obsessing over your body."

Another wrote, "She is a real women looking after a baby. We should be concern for her health and happiness especially if she is nursing the baby."

Bachchan is heralded in the country by many as the perfect image of beauty, and so there is huge pressure on her to look perfect at all times. However, if her showing at Cannes is anything to go by Bachchan can have her cake and eat it: as it looks like she can have her dream of enjoying her new beautiful baby daughter, while ignoring critics and getting back to her sexy self.