New details on the upcoming installment of CBS's The Young and the Restless have indeed surfaced, as Lauren and Michael will celebrate, Courtney will come clean with a lie, and Chloe will be caught off guard by Chelsea's reaction.

Wednesday, Dec. 4 - Y&R Recap Here

Nicki informs Paul and Victor that DNA results now back up the fact that Dylan is her biological son. Nicki doesn't have regrets about finding Dylan, but doesn't like that she's bringing another burden on the family.

Dylan informs Avery at the park that he doesn't want to speak about the DNA results. Meanwhile, Summer confronts Courtney over finding out that the latter doesn't work with a Zach. Summer defends herself by saying that Zach is in her family, and is embarrassed over the things that  he's done some things wrong.

Friday, Dec. 6 - Y&R Recap Here  

Chelsea looks for Chloe at the penthouse. Panic begins to set in upon her realization that Chloe and Connor aren't there.

While at the station, Paul informs Christine that the regular coroner never signed off on Carmine's autopsy report, as someone stepped in that they've never heard of.

Lauren tells Michael at the Club that she can't be happy on her anniversary with Fen being behind bars. Michael soon gets a call from Christine, telling him that Fen will be released in two days.

Inside the prison, Womack isn't too happy with Fen, feeling that he's not thankful enough that the former has saved him from other inmates. Since they are both getting released soon, Fen says he'll pay him back on the outside.

Courtney purchases pills from Raven at the park.

Dylan receives a message from Nikki saying that she'd like to either see him or talk. Victor shows up and tells him to stay away from Nikki.

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