Miami Zombie Victim Ronald Poppo At Risk of Infection from Rudy Eugene's Mouth

More details emerged about the homeless man Ronald Poppo whose face was horrifically eaten by Rudy Eugene. He was once a star student at a prestigious school in New York before he ended up homeless. According to a yearbook obtained by the New York Daily News, Poppo was a student at Stuyvesant High School in Lower Manhattan and belonged to the Latin club. 

Man Eating Face Surveillance Video

Not much is known about the victim, apart from the fact that he had spent the last forty years in Florida. He was arrested 24 times for drinking, trespassing, felony, burglary, and assault.

Experts say Poppo's face will be permanently disfigured and that he will face a bigger threat from infection rather than the injuries from the attack, according to Fox News. It seems that he will pull through but will require months of treatment to rebuild his facial features. 


Dr. Seth Thaller, the chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine told Fox that the "human mouth is basically filthy" so those germs from Eugene's mouth pose the most serious risk. 

A new footage emerged earlier showing the 65-year-old victim still moving around after the grisly 18 minute attack. It shows Poppo being rescued by paramedics after his attacker was shot dead by police. In the video, paramedics try to tend to the victim's facial injuries and place him on a stretcher. The victim is seen waving his arms around as he is being taken to the ambulance and has to be restrained.

Police believe the cannibal attacker attended a Memorial Day weekend beach party and walked three miles home on foot in soaring temperatures of over 90F.

According to Miami Herald, it is believed that Eugene took off his clothes which were later found on the beach and the mainland, before attacking the homeless man who was sleeping on the train tracks. He strips and punches Poppo and straddles him before starting to chew his face off. The attack lasted nearly 20 minutes before police officer Jose Rivera intervened and shot him multiple times after Eugene refused to stop.

Bath salts are being blamed for the vicious behavior acted out by cannibal Rudy Eugene off a Miami highway on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The name sounds like a harmless household product, but it has no relation to actual bath salts - it is not the Epsom salts that we put in our baths for a relaxing soak.

Bath salts is a street name for a drug containing mephedrone or methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and can be snorted, ingested or injected.  The effect of bath salts are comparable to LSD, cocaine and amphetamine. However, the effects of bath salt itself is described as being highly dangerous, with one physician saying that it is like cocaine times ten.

Symptoms that appear after taking the drug can be highly dangerous. It leads to hallucinations, body overheating, anxiety, paranoia, becoming delusional, heart attacks, extreme aggression, and even death. Bath salt users may also experience losing touch with reality, leading to psychotic behavior.

Officials say he portrays symptoms of "excited delirium" - a syndrome that turns drug users into raging "incredible Hulks".  "I'm going by similarities in other cases of excited delirium I've researched in the last couple of days," said Aguilar, president for the Fraternal Order of Police. 

Rudy Eugene's Girlfriend Says He Loved God and Bible And He Might Have Been Voodoo Cursed

It is likely that Rudy Eugene took this drug in large amounts, causing his body to overheat, which explains why he was naked when he attacked the poor homeless man who was just sleeping under the Miami highway. Despite repeated orders from a police officer to stop eating the man, he simply growled at him like an animal and continued to savagely attack his victim.

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