Eva Longoria will not be starring in any soap operas in the near future, despite what the Latin Times reported on Tuesday, Dec. 31.

The former Desperate Housewives star tweeted that the website published a false story saying she has signed on to three Latin soap operas on Televisa. The article stated the following:

"Longoria has signed an exclusive contract with Televisa, locking her for three telenovelas starting with Cuna de Lobos where she will play the infamous Catalina Creel. The production finally came true after Por Derecho de Sangre, what was supposed to be a remake, proved to be a major flop after the pilot wasn't selected, but the network now hopes that with Eva on board, Cuna de Lobos will step up to the original 80's classic."

The article included a -- now known as fake -- statement from Longoria where she said "I'm thrilled to be a part of this amazing project." However, the report couldn't be more fake.

"How can people make stuff and print it?" Longoria tweeted in frustration. "Not one word of this is true! Even has fake quotes from me!"

She got upset about the false claims, but it was only a joke. Latin Times noted at the bottom of its article "DISCLAIMER: TODAY, DEC. 28TH IS “INNOCENT’S DAY,” SO YES, YOU’VE BEEN FOOLED!"

While the actress has not signed on for a soap opera spot, she does have a connection with Televisa: her boyfriend, Jose Antonio Baston, is the network's president.

Longoria acts as producer for the hit series Devious Maids.